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Products - Proposal Generation SF330 (Rev. 7/2021)
Included in ALL products (Desktop)
This software includes extensive built-in form logic with new functionality specifically designed for the SF330. Standard features include:

  • Fast, easy to use and virtually NO learning curve.
  • True WYSIWYG Interface and Enhanced Word Processing (RTF)
  • Create customized forms up to 99 pages in length "on-the-fly"
  • Add, remove, switch & duplicate pages with a single click of the mouse
  • Insert & delete rows of text quickly
  • Drag & drop pages from other forms
  • Easily exchange forms and data (electronically) with other offices or firms
  • Extensive online help and Tips of the Day
  • 50,000 word spell checker (with suggestions)
  • Dozens of predesigned custom pages
  • Add sizable BMP/GIF/JPG/PNG images ANYWHERE on the forms
  • Built-in database holds unlimited records and forms
  • Auto-fill forms with lookup capabilities (projects, resumes, consultants)
  • Auto-calculate disciplines, number of projects and total gross fees
  • Enhanced lookup lists & unlimited user-defined fields
  • Perform queries (SQL) & filters on the databases
  • Seamless integration with BQE Core, Vision, InFocus & Ajera
  • Customized State Forms are also available

    Available Versions:
    Client/Server Executive Lite
    Extremely robust ODBC compliant database (Access, SQL, or MySQL) allows user-defined fields, queries/filters, and user tracking with remote access. Perfect for multi-user/multi-office environments. Simple single user installation. Tried and true work horse for smaller firms pursuing federal, state and local work. Same program functionality as described above without the database capabilities. A nice solution for firms that need to produce these forms just once or twice a year.
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    Whitepaper(s): Government Forms Software™

    GovernmentForms.onDemand (Cloud-based)
    Our new cloud-based solution runs on ANY operating system (Windows, Macs, even iPads).    ALL the features of our desktop version and more.    No software to download (or data to backup) because everything is hosted on our secure servers in the cloud.    Innovative collaboration functions make it perfect when needing to team with other users and firms.

    Save Time
    The amount of time to generate these forms should be measured in MINUTES, not hours or even days.  Use the systems robust database and extensive auto-fill features to produce high quality, professional looking forms with accurate information in a intuitive, user-friendly environment.
    Form Shepherd
    This new tool analyzes your form and detects any ERRORS or ISSUES that might cause problems when being evaluated by the agency or client.  Even when you think you’ve created the perfect form, think again, or rather let the Form Shepherd think for you!
    Team Builder
    GFS.onDemand will use the information entered in your database to quickly and accurately help build the best team possible for your submittal based on criteria like firm/staff experience, disciplines, similarities, relevance and even the time-frame of when certain work was performed.
    Table of Contents
    SF330’s can get pretty long, not to mention complex, so why not make your form easier to read and understand by creating its Table of Contents with just a single click!
    Form Snapshot
    What do the Committee Members see?  They use what’s called a SNAPSHOT of your electronically submitted form in order to easily assess its content and relevance as well as for comparison purposes with other firms.  Make your snapshot look good and say “cheese” to the evaluation process!
    Upload PDF
    Upload PDF formatted SF330 forms and have their contents extracted automatically. Don't waste time copying and pasting information sent to you by partners or subconsultants and let GFS.onDemand do the work for you.
    If you have project and staff information in other systems why not integrate that valuable marketing material directly into GFS.onDemand?  Seamless integration with a variety of 3rd party vendors makes that process a breeze.  Import routines with BQE Core, Vision, Ajera, InFocus and Cosential are all available.
    Why not do something else with all the valuable marketing information you’ve accumulated in GFS.onDemand?  The Word Integration Service not only let’s you convert your completed forms to Word, but gives you the capability to design YOUR OWN templates (forms, cut-sheet, brochures, etc.) and merge them with existing data.  Perfect for private sector proposals and custom responses.

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    your SF330 Part II's for free!

    Product Comparison Lite Executive Client/Server onDemand

    Fast, easy to use and virtually NO learning curve.
    True WYSIWYG Interface and Enhanced Word Processing
    Create customized forms "on-the-fly"
    Add, remove, switch & duplicate pages with one click
    Insert & delete rows of text quickly
    Drag & drop pages from other forms
    Extensive online help and Tips of the Day
    50,000 word spell checker (with suggestions)
    Dozens of predesigned custom pages
    Add sizable BMP/JPG/GIF images ANYWHERE on the forms
    Convert Forms to PDF (requires a PDF writer)
    Word/InDesign Interface º º º º
    Integrated Organizational Chart Generator º º º
    Built-in database (holds unlimited records) º
    Auto-fill forms with database lookup capabilities º
    Auto-calculate disciplines, projects and total gross fees º
    Enhanced lookup lists & unlimited user-defined fields º
    Perform queries (SQL) & filters on the databases º
    Extended tables for Projects, Resumes and Firms º
    Limitless attachments for Projects, Resumes and Firms º
    Boiler Plates for basic Proposal Generation º
    Easily exchange forms/data with other offices or firms
    ODBC Compliant Database (Access, SQL, mySQL, etc.) º
    Database and form auditing
    Included      º Optional (Fee)

    Word Integration Service (Desktop & Cloud-based)
    The MS Word Integration Service (Interface) enables you to create documents from forms you have already created with GFS! The forms are built automatically using our state-of-the-art technology. Once converted to Word, you can open a completed form with the ability to add, edit or remove any text, lines or graphics (almost any format) to or from the form at your discretion. Complete flexibility! You can also email these forms to Sub's or Prime's (or even the Agency you are submitting the forms to!) without worrying about compromising the confidentiality of the information in your database that you used to create the forms in the first place.
    Create custom pages for your proposals "on-the-fly" using project, staff and firm information directly from your GFS database.  One click will produce amazing documents from templates that you have designed in Word.  It's perfect for customized proposals and private sector bids to help you get more out of your valuable data.
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    Products - Business Development
    OppsTracker - Opportunity Tracking System (Cloud-based)

    We've just released our new opportunity tracking and management system called OppsTracker™.   This easy to use system will help you decide which opportunities to pursue by automatically establishing Requirements, Go/No-go decision matrices, and common Tasks.   Program synopsis and contact information is automatically imported into OppsTracker™, allowing you to monitor the entire life-cycle of the opportunity from solicitation to final award.   Your company will make better informed business decisions on all programs and opportunities that you track.
    • One-click retrieval from sources like, GovWin, SBA, OnVia, Dodge, ePipeline, and more...
    • Automatic addition of opportunity Requirements, Go/No-go Decision Matrices and Tasks with Gantt charts
    • Seamless two-way integration with Outlook (and/or Exchange Server) including Contacts, Messaging, Tasks, Journal entries and reminders
    • Store notes, attachments, addendums, appointments, meetings, messages and ALL correspondence for each opportunity
    • Collaborate between multiple users
    • Integration with GFS and other proposal management systems
    • Market your firm with automatic messaging (CRM)

    Ready to take a closer look?  
    These sessions only last about 15 minutes, there's no obligation, and will cut right to the heart of the systems' many unique features and how they are used.
    You'll be surprised by how much time and money a well organized system like this can save your firm and help you win more business!
    "It's essentially Salesforce for professional services firms!"
    P. Bruck / 3E Consultants
    Business Development Coordinator

    Postmaster - Email Management System for Outlook
    • Perfect for project-based firms
    • Seamless integration with Outlook (actual Add-in)
    • Extremely intuitive - virtually no learning curve
    • Easy to install (network administrators not required)
    • File messages automatically
    • Eliminate needless forwards, replies and moves
    • NEVER lose important messages
    • Lighting fast, robust search capabilities
    • Ensure incoming messages are seen by the "right" people
    • Manages all project correspondence
    • No limit on the number of drawers (folders)
    • Stores messages locally or in the cloud
    • Easily handle thousands (even millions) of messages
    • Activate/Deactivate with a single click
    • Extensive reporting, tracking and statistics
    • Fail-safe backups and auto-rebuilds of filed messages
    • Word/pattern matching warnings (confidentiality/privacy)
    • Automatic Redaction (SSN's, credit card numbers, etc.)
    • Share messages with other firms like DropBox
    • NO SIZE LIMIT on attachments (when Sharing)
    • Inexpensive: as low as $3/Mn/User
    Download/Install    (What version of Outlook do I have?)
    Postmaster (32-bit)
    Postmaster (64-bit)

    "Postmaster is a great solution for anyone who wants emails saved to a central location where they can be recalled later by anyone in the firm. We find this most advantageous in that it reduces the need to copy everyone and inundate their Outlook just so they can find the communication if needed. The integration with Outlook is seamless and the search feature powerful. The fact that our emails are backed up with our normal backup process is also a comfort. Thanks Enlightened Software for such an effective, simple solution."
    M. Morse / AB Consultants
    Marketing Manager

    Seamless Integration


    Simple Filing

    Fast Searches
    System Requirements  (Download Microsoft .NET Framework)
    • Outlook 365/2021/2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or greater

    USASpending - Award Information for Outlook (Contacts)
    • Seamless integration with Outlook (actual Add-in)
    • Extremely intuitive - virtually no learning curve
    • Information stored in User-defined fields
    • Parse data for thousands of Contacts in just seconds
    • Use in conjunction with SAM Entities Search and the SAM Automation Tool
    • Gather and research important financial information on partners, prospects and competitors
    Download/Install (Outlook should be closed)

           How to use:
    • The installation will create a top level menu item called Enlightened in Outlook.
    • Enlightened contains a USA Spending group button.
    • From an Outlook folder of type Contacts, click the USA Spending button.
    • Select DUNS Field is set to GovernmentIDNumber by default. You can change this if your contacts already have their DUNS number stored in a different field.
    • Select the years you want to retreive. A User-defined field will be automatically generated for each year selected.
      Note: You can lick the [Field Names] button to add a prefix and/or suffix to the "year" generated field name to avoid any conflicts with User-defined fields you already have in place. For instance, a prefix of "usa" and a suffix of "spending" for the year 2019 would generate a field called "usa2019spending".
    • Select Records options are given based on if you have entered the dialog from the Outlook Explorer (Contacts folder) or the Inspector (individual Contact).
    • Click the [Start] button.
    System Requirements  (Download Microsoft .NET Framework)
    • Outlook 365/2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or greater