Quickly extract and save Interested Vendors, Contract Administrators and Awardees from FedBizOpps (fbo.gov) directly into ANY of these systems:
    • Outlook
    • Salesforce
    • Campaigner
    • GoogleApps

"No exaggeration, what literally use to take me hours, I now do in just seconds!  Awesome product!"
Aaron Ellis / V.P. Marketing

What can FedBizOppsPLUS! do for you?    Think CRM designed specifically for FedBizOpps!
  • Build your contacts list of prospective team members, colleagues, partners, or even competitors
  • Establish a "blacklist" of parties NOT to contact
  • Maintain a list of agency administrators
  • Place contacts ANYWHERE in Outlook (or Exchange Server)
  • Filter lists by NAICS codes, location, business types or solicitation number
  • Keep track of all outgoing AND incoming correspondence related to specific opportunities
  • One-click Merge & Send Draft messages from Outlook   New! PRO Version [Screen Shot]
  • One-click download of ALL files and links associated with an opportunity   New! PRO Version [Screen Shot]
  • Campaign Tracking: See how successful your outgoing messages are   New! PRO Version
  • Also works with: SBA/CCR, GovWin, iSQFT, ePipeline, Reed Construction Data, and others...
  • Seamless integration with our latest release of OppsTracker
  • Annual Subscription starting as low as $99.00
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FedBizOppsPLUS! is considered middleware and can be defined as:
An application that resides between two other programs or systems. By accessing key components from each of those systems, middleware allows those systems to seamlessly interact resulting in a more productive environment.

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